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PicoSTEM Solar Power Plus Classroom Pack- Bambu Labs

PicoSTEM Solar Power Plus Classroom Pack- Bambu Labs

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Through the Solar Power Complete Makerspace course, students will learn about solar power through the lens of an engineer. Solar power is becoming a widely utilized renewable energy source. Solar-powered vehicles have long been the topic of discussion in engineering, but only recently have designs become a reality. In this unit, students will explore the science of solar power while also exploring the engineering design of an automobile.

Pick from Standard or Plus Versions depending on your student's abilities.

Each solution comes with Kits, Virtual Teacher Mentoring(VTM) hours from bundle up, Hardware, and consumables. 

  • All come with an open-source curriculum.
  • Kit: No VTM Hours included - See PicoSTEM Makerspaces
  • Bundle: VTM Hours included-  See PicoSTEM Makerspaces
  • Classroom: Bambu P1P, 2 hours of VTM, &  6X Solar Racer Plus & Lab Kits
  • Complete System: Bambu X1, 4 hours of VTM, & 25X Solar Racer Plus & Lab Kits

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