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PicoSTEM Wind & Hydro Turbines Plus Classroom Pack - Creality

PicoSTEM Wind & Hydro Turbines Plus Classroom Pack - Creality

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In the Wind & Hydro Turbine Makerspace course, students will engage and explore the STEM principles related to vertical, horizontal, and hydro turbines. Students will gain an understanding of how fluids can be harnessed as a renewable energy source through research, engineering, and design activities. Students will apply the scientific method, the engineering design process, and quantitative analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of hydropower as a renewable energy source for sustainable engineering.

Pick from Standard or Plus Versions depending on your student's abilities

Each solution comes with Kits, Virtual Teacher Mentoring(VTM) hours from bundle up, Hardware, and consumables. 

  • All come with an open-source curriculum.
  • Kit: No VTM Hours included - See PicoSTEM Makerspaces
  • Bundle: VTM Hours included-  See PicoSTEM Makerspaces
  • Classroom: Ender 3 V2, 2 hours of VTM, & 6x Wind & Hydro Turbines Plus Kits
  • Complete System: Ender 5 Pro, 4 hours of VTM, & 25x Wind & Hydro Turbines Plus & Lab Kits
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