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PicoSTEM Vertical Wind Turbine Standard

PicoSTEM Vertical Wind Turbine Standard

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Explore the power of the wind with our Vertical Wind Turbine Kit for the classroom. Our kit can be used for experimenting with the power of the wind to demonstrate power output utilizing an led, a piezo buzzer, or just simply showcase the power on a standard multimeter. Each kit contains all the parts needed to build a fully functioning Vertical Wind Turbine!

Our base model includes a DC motor generator which is great for teaching 3rd-grade- college and the Plus model includes an AC generator with magnets & coils & over 12 electricity labs which are great for teaching grades 6th-grade college.

Kids as young as 7 years old have built our kit and you can experiment to create the most efficient system or explore the AC & rectification kit for further experimentation. Assembly will take about 10 mins.

Upgrade to the Bundle for 1:1 from one of our Certified Virtual Teacher Mentors and/or to our classroom level where each student gets their own kit with 25 included!

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