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PicoSTEM PicoBots Standard Kit 25 Pack

PicoSTEM PicoBots Standard Kit 25 Pack

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PicoBots are a 3D Printed Animal version of bristle bots which are small robots for the classroom made by inserting a vibrating motor into the animal bodies. The vibrations from the motor travel down the bristle legs and cause the PicoBot to move and spin on flat surfaces. - Each kit includes a 25-pack

Build a PicoBot in your home or classroom to teach basic engineering, motors, circuits, and physics concepts (i.e. balance principles). Adjust movement patterns by bending, twisting, and angling the pipe cleaners into different positions.

Build time 3 to 10 minutes. Suitable for ages 5+ Upgrade to the

Bundle for 1:1 from one of our Certified Virtual Teacher Mentors and/or to our classroom level where each student gets their own kit with 25X 25 kits included!

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