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PicoSTEM Alternative Energy Education Lab Plus Kit

PicoSTEM Alternative Energy Education Lab Plus Kit

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The Alternative Energy Education Lab Plus set is the most comprehensive of all our Energy Educational offerings. It combines all our turbines;

The Horizontal Turbine, Vertical Turbine, Hydro, a 7.2v Solar Panel & all of our electricity labs. Both AC and DC configurations are included in this kit, widening the possibilities of turbines to construct.

Grades 3rd-college for the Standard lab
Grades 6th-college for the Plus Lab

Included Alternative Energy Education Lab:
  • 1x Vertical Turbine Level 1 Kit
  • 1x Horizontal Turbine Level
  • 1 Kit 6x Hydro Paddles
  • 1x Multimeter
  • 1x Solar Panel 7.2V 200mA
Upgrade to the Bundle for 1:1 from one of our Certified Virtual Teacher Mentors and/or to our classroom level where each student gets their own kit with 25 kits included!
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