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Microscope Bundle

Microscope Bundle

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We have bundled the amazing EPS 1600 Series trinocular microscope (1600X magnification) with our favorite microscopy accessories and learning tools so that you can begin using your microscope right away. The third eyepiece on the trinocular microscope is perfect for attaching a cell phone so that you can take pictures and videos. We also like that you can see if your child is focusing correctly. In this bundle you will find an attachment adapter for a cell phone, 100 prepared biology slides for viewing and blank slides and 100 cover slips.


A microscope discovery kit is included and it contains tools and stains for making your own slides. It also includeds a concave slide for you to view pond water or other liquid specimens. Also included is a wonderful introductory microscope book called the "The World of the Microscope" this book teaches about microscopes and includes basic activities and slide making instructions. 

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