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Deluxe Biology Bundle

Deluxe Biology Bundle

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Adding our Digital Microscope with its own LCD Monitor with 1000x zoom makes our biology bundle even better! We have packaged together our favorite Biology kits, our fun pocket microscope AND our digital stereo microscope with an LCD screen which magnifies objects up to 1,000 times their size. This set is a great way to introduce or encourage your child's love for biology as they grow bacteria, extract DNA and explore the world around them. You will find the following items in this bundle:

  • 5 Second Rule: Grow bacteria to find out if the 5 Second rule is true!
  • Hand Sanitizer vs Bacteria: Grow bacteria to find out if hand sanitizer works!
  • DNA Extraction: Extract DNA from strawberries and bananas to see which has more DNA.
  • Diffusion Races: Will heat speed up how fast colors race through your gel!
  • Pocket Microscope: Zoom in on the world around you with this small but powerful pocket microscope. 8 lab activities are included with this 60x microscope that include comparing small crystals to studying Velcro. Your whole family will love this!
  • 1000x Digital Microscope with LCD Monitor: Zoom into any item to see incredible details. No slides are needed. This microscope will become an instant family favorite!
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