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Chemistry Bundle

Chemistry Bundle

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We have packaged together our favorite chemistry kits, labs and curriculum. This set is a great way to introduce or encourage your child's love for chemistry. You will find the following items in this bundle:

  • Glowing Detective Science Project Kit: Explore the chemical forensic detectives use at crime scenes to find blood.
  • Enzyme Eaters Project Kit: Watch the best laundry detergent eat away the most gel!
  • Super Polymers Project Kit: Learn the science of water beads as you test snow, plant crystals and diaper polymers!
  • Mystery Powder Lab: Use a mild acid, an indicator and other methods to identify mystery white powders just like forensic detectives do.
  • Mystery Volume Lab: Use your graduated cylinder and pipette to learn about measuring volume as you complete 3 fun volume activities!
  • Teacher and Student editions of the Ooey Gooey Chemistry Curriculum: A fun introductory chemistry unit. Filled with exciting labs that are easy to do at home, online explorations and interesting activities. This curriculum will give your child a strong basis for understanding chemistry. 9-18 week curriculum.
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