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Concrete Manual Feeding Extruder & System

Concrete Manual Feeding Extruder & System

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LDM (liquid deposition modeling) technology extruder, for 3D printing concrete and geopolymers. This was invented by Delta WASP!

The new geopolymer extruder by WASP Manual Feeding Extruder is suitable for testing and 3D printing with fluid-dense materials such as cement and geopolymers. Easy to assemble and designed to be easily cleaned after each use. Ease of printing and maintenanceWASP Manual Feeding Extruder consists of a cone with a 2.5L capacity made of stainless steel to allow the use of materials such as cement and geopolymers. Loading is executed manually by pouring the material directly into the cone so you don’t have to stop the process to load new material. The flow is controlled by a technopolymer screw operated by a 2.1A stepper motor. To ensure the correct rheology of the material and avoid hardening, a paddle inside the cone continuously mixes the material to be extruded.There are 6 mm and 8 mm diameter nozzles and plastic nozzles used in silicone guns to be cut at will in the desired diameter.Compatibility with Delta WASP 40100 Clay and other printersThe extruder is only compatible with Delta WASP 40100 CLAY as stand-alone kit.

PRODUCT TECHNICAL DETAILS *Technology LDMMax magnificency 0.5 mmNozzle 6 mm, 8 mmMax consumption 25 WVoltage fan 12 vConnector MODUStructure: aluminum and stainless steel* the product refers to the extruder onlyPHYSICAL DIMENSIONSDimensions 25 x 25 x 60 cmWeight 3 kgMATERIALSCementGeopolymersLight cementsExperimental mixturesCOMPATIBLE MACHINESDelta WASP 40100 Clay

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